Here are some idioms you can use to describe people beginning with S – W.

people expressions beginning with S

salt of the earth
scare the living daylights out of someone
people idioms and expressions in English - scaredy cat
sea legs
sell ice to the Eskimos
people idioms and expressions in English - set in one’s ways
people expressions - shake like a leaf
people expressions - shrinking violet
people phrases - significant other
people expressions - silent/sleeping partner
people idioms and expressions in English - silver fox
people expressions -silver surfer
sitting duck
six feet under
people expressions - slave driver
people expressions - slimeball
people sayings - small fry
people phrases - smart alec
smart cookie
people sayings - smooth talker
people phrases - social butterfly meaning
people sayings - social chameleon
people sayings - sour grapes
people expressions - spitting image
spoiled brat
people sayings - square peg in a round hole
people sayings - stick in the mud
people phrases - stickler for the rules
people phrases - stone cold sober
surrogate mother

people expressions beginning with T

take the wind out of someone's sails
talk the hind leg off a donkey
tar someone with the same brush
teacher’s pet
team player
people idioms and expressions - the bee's knees meaning
the black sheep of the family
thinning on top
third wheel
people idioms - tickled pink
too big for one’s boots
top dog
tower of strength
people idioms - troublemaker
people idioms - twins

people expressions beginning with U

until one’s blue in the face
up the duff
up the spout
upper crust

people expressions beginning with V

vertically challenged

people expressions beginning with W

wet blanket
whiz kid
wind-up merchant
wise guy
worth one’s weight in gold

people expressions beginning with Y

people expressions - yellow-bellied