Here are some idioms you can use to describe people beginning with I – M.

people expressions beginning with I

people idioms and expressions in English - in a class of one’s own
people idioms and expressions in English - in a different league
people idioms and expressions in English - in a strop
people expressions - in the club
in the dog house
people expressions - in the same boat
people idioms and expressions in English - in-laws
people expressions - in the land of the living

people expressions beginning with J

people idioms - jack of all trades
people idioms - jobsworth
people idioms - jump the gun
people idioms - just in time

people expressions beginning with K

people sayings - killjoy
people expressions and sayings - king of the hill
knee-high to a grasshopper
know it all

people expressions beginning with L

larger than life
laughing stock
life and soul of the party
like a bear with a sore head
people expressions - like a bull in a china shop
personality idioms - like a cat on a hot tin roof
like a fish out of water
like butter wouldn't melt
personality idioms - like chalk and cheese
people idioms - like a lamb to the slaughter
like the cat that got the cream
people expressions - live for the moment
live for the weekend
people expressions - live in cloud cuckoo land
people expressions - live wire
personality idioms - loner
long in the tooth
look a picture of health
look a state
people expressions - look the part
people expressions - loose cannon
people expressions - late bloomer

people expressions beginning with M

made for each other
made of money
made of sterner stuff
man/woman of one’s word
man/woman of the world
memory like a sieve
mover and shaker
Mr/Mrs Right
mummy’s boy
mutton dressed as lamb