Here are some idioms you can use to describe people beginning with E – H.

people expressions beginning with E

people idioms and expressions - eager beaver
early bird
people idioms and expressions - eat like a horse
people idioms and expressions - estranged
people idioms and expressions - even stevens

people expressions beginning with F

face like a bulldog chewing a wasp
face like thunder
fair-weather friend
family man
people expressions - fast talker
fat cat
people expressions - fat pig
people expressions - father figure
feel blue
people idioms - fiancé/fiancée
people expressions - fight like cat and dog
find one's feet
people idioms - five o’clock shadow
people expressions - force of nature
people idioms - fresh off the boat
people idioms - full of beans
full of hot air
people idioms - full of the joys of spring

people expressions beginning with G

get cold feet
gift of the gab
give someone the time of day
people expressions - go ape shit
go cold turkey
people idioms and expressions - go getter
go out with someone
people idioms and expressions - go to pot
going places
golden boy
people expressions - good egg
good natured
goody two-shoes
people idioms and expressions - goosebumps
green around the gills
people expressions - grin like a Cheshire cat
people expressions - guinea pig

people expressions beginning with H

happy go lucky
hard nut to crack
people phrases - hard of hearing
have a bee in one’s bonnet
have a big mouth
have a change of heart
have a chip on one's shoulder
people phrases - have a cow
have a face like the back end of a bus
have a frog in one's throat
people phrases - have a head for heights
have a soft spot for someone
people phrases - have a sweet tooth
have a thing for someone
have a whale of a time
have an ace up one’s sleeve
have beef with
have bigger fish to fry
have blood on one's hands
people idioms - have butterflies in one’s stomach meaning
have chemistry
people phrases - have egg on one's face
have eyes in the back of one's head
have green fingers
have itchy feet
have one too many
have one’s cake and eat it
have one’s head screwed on
have one’s heart in the right place
have one’s moments
have one's back against the wall
have one's fingers in lots of pies
have one's foot in the door
have one's head in the clouds
have second thoughts
have the guts
people phrases - have the hots for
have the makings of something
have the time of one’s life
have the upper hand
have thick skin
have time on one’s hands
have time on one’s side
have two left feet
haven’t got two pennies
haven't got a leg to stand on
haven't got the stomach for
head and shoulders above
head over heels
heart of gold
high and mighty
hit the bulls-eye
holier than thou