Here are some idioms you can use to describe people beginning with A – D.

people expressions beginning with A

a big fish in a small pond
a bright spark
people idioms - dark horse
a hater
a holidaymaker
a hoot
a lone shark meaning and example
a lone wolf
a pain in the ass/neck
a punter
a sight for sore eyes
a tough cookie
people idioms - a wolf in sheep’s clothing
alive and kicking
all brawn and no brain
all fingers and thumbs
all mouth and no trousers
all sizzle and no steak
alter ego
apple of one’s eye
armchair critic
as blind as a bat
as brown as a berry
as cold as ice
as cool as a cucumber
as daft as a brush
as dead as a dodo
as dead as a doornail
as drunk as a skunk
as dry as a bone
as free as a bird
as fresh as a daisy
as good as gold
as happy as a pig in shit
as hard as nails
as honest as the day is long
as keen as mustard
character idioms - as nice as pie
people idioms - as nutty as a fruitcake
as poor as a church mouse
as pure as the driven snow
as quick as a flash
as quick as lightning
as quiet as a mouse
as red as a beetroot
as right as rain
as sick as a dog
as slippery as an eel
as sly as a fox
as smooth as a baby’s bottom
as sound as a pound
as straight as an arrow
as strong as an ox
as stubborn as a mule
as thick as thieves
as tough as old boots
as ugly as sin
as warm as toast
as white as a sheet
people idioms - asleep at the wheel
people idioms - at death’s door

people expressions beginning with B

people idioms - bachelor definition
people expressions - backseat driver
people expressions - bad egg
people expressions - bag of bones
barrel of laughs
people expressions - basket case
people idioms - bat for the other team
behind the times
people idioms - big cheese
black and blue
blood brothers
blue-eyed boy
born with a silver spoon
boys in blue
bright spark
brother/sister in law
built like a brick shit house
bunny boiler
busy bee
people expressions - basket case

people expressions beginning with C

call a spade a spade
people expressions - cat’s whiskers
chip off the old block
class act
class clown
people expressions - come out/up smelling of roses
people expressions - copycat
couch potato
cry baby
people expressions - culture vulture

people expressions beginning with D

dead man walking
people expressions - dead to the world
people sayings - diamond in the rough
people sayings - dog tired
dogs bollocks
dog's dinner
people expressions - doormat
don’t have the foggiest
people sayings - down and out
people expressions - down to earth
people expressions - dress to kill
people expressions - dress to the nines
people expressions - dressed up like the dog’s dinner
people expressions - drink like a fish