What does ‘throw’ mean?

The word ‘throw’ can mean many different things. As a verb, the meaning is to launch an object through the air or quickly send into a particular state.

For example:

  • Boris threw the ball to Carl. (launch)
  • The government was thrown into a state of panic. (particular state)


Throw is an irregular verb. The past tense is threw and the past participle is thrown.

idiomatic phrasal verbs

Did you know phrasal verbs are sometimes used in idioms? See if you can spot any. If you don’t know any phrasal verbs with ‘throw’, click here to learn them.

verb idioms and expressions - throw
Idioms with verbs - THROW - a stone’s throw away
Idioms with verbs - THROW - people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones
verb phrase - throw caution to the wind
Idioms with verbs - THROW - throw a curveball
verb phrase - throw cold water on
verb phrase - throw in at the deep end
verb phrase - throw in the towel
verb phrase - throw money at
verb phrase - throw money down the drain
verb phrase - throw someone to the wolves
verb phrase - throw someone under a bus


Hey, did you know the verb ‘throw’ has many phrasal verbs. Since you like idioms and phrases, you obviously want to improve your fluency and speak like a native.

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I thought you might like to learn the phrasal verbs with ‘throw’ too. They are very common in informal English and great to know/be able to understand if you happen to be speaking to a native. We use them all the time, like literally ALL the time.