phrases with adjectives – old

The word ‘old’ as an adjective can mean living for a long time or belonging to the past. For example:

  • My nan is so old, i’m suprised she’s still alive! (living for a long time)
  • I found an old cinema ticket from out first date. (belonging to the past)

old synonyms

There are many synonyms for the adjective old. They include:

  • aged
  • ancient
  • archaic
  • bygone
  • elderly
  • long in the tooth
  • mature
  • obsolete
  • senior

HOT TIP – Lads, if you’re trying to pull an older lady, don’t tell her she is old, tell her she is like a fine wine – mature.

Let’s take a look at some common idioms and phrases containing the adjective ‘old’.

idioms and phrases with adjectives - old
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