The word ‘happy’ as an adjective can mean satisfied or joyful.

  • I was happy with the service provided. (satisfied)
  • Tom looks happy today. (joyful)

Let’s take a look at some common idioms containing the word ‘happy’.

idioms and phrases with adjectives - happy

as happy as a pig in shit

meaning – very happy
example – I’ve given the dogs a lamb bone, they’re as happy as a pig in shit.

adjective idioms (happy) - as happy as a pig in shit

happy days

meaning – said when you hear positive news
example – There will be a new baby joining the family soon. Happy days.

adjective idioms (happy) - happy days


meaning – a happy/cheerful/carefree person
example – He was such a happy-go-lucky boy. Something changed since he started big school.

adjective idioms (happy) - happy go lucky

happy hour

meaning – a period of the day when drinks are cheaper
example – It’s happy hour in Dukes from 8-9:30. Shall we book a taxi for 7:45?

adjective idioms (happy) - happy hour