Let’s learn some idioms and expressions about some other types of food.

other food idioms

dish up

meaning – serve the food
example – I cooked a lovely meal, dished up and they didn’t eat it. Bloody kids!

food idioms - dish up

eat for two

meaning – be pregnant so you can eat more food
example – I need to go on a diet, I’m not eating for two anymore.

food idioms - eat for two

gravy train

meaning – a source of easy money with little effort
example – I hope I’m on the gravy train one day. I hate working 60 hours a week to survive.

food idioms - gravy train

greasy spoon

meaning – a cheap restaurant that sells cheap food
example – If I have a hangover tomorrow, I’ll go to a greasy spoon for breakfast.

greasy spoon

let someone stew

meaning – allow someone to worry/be fearful about something they have done
example – My girlfriend hasn’t messaged me all day. She’s letting me stew as I forgot her birthday.

let someone stew


meaning – very rich, have a lot of money
example – If my business is a success, I’ll be minted.

food idioms - minted

separate the wheat from the chaff

meaning – separate the good from the bad
example – My shed is full. I’m going to spend the afternoon separating the wheat from the chaff.

food idioms - separate the wheat from the chaff

sing for one’s supper

meaning – do something for someone else before you can do something you want to do
example – I can stay at Adam’s as long as I sing for my supper. I have to do all the washing up

food idioms - sing for one’s supper


meaning – a vehicle is made better, enhanced, more powerful etc.
example – I’m going to a VW festival. I can’t wait to see all the souped-up cars.

food idioms - soup-up

sow one’s oats

meaning – be promiscuous before settling down
example – I’ve sown my oats, now I want to settle down and get married.

food idioms - sow one's oats

square meal

meaning – a balanced/substantial meal
example – The doctor said I need to eat 3 square meals a day.

food idioms - square meal

taste of one’s own medicine

meaning – receive the treatment you have given to others
example – I hit the bully on the nose, I gave him a taste of his own medicine

food idioms - taste of one’s own medicine

the dog’s dinner

meaning – a complete mess
example – The guy I hired made a dog’s dinner of the electrics. He definitely isn’t getting paid.

food idioms - dog's dinner

variety is the spice of life

meaning – do lots of different things, it makes life more interesting
example – Everyone should live in another country, variety I the spice of life.

food idioms - variety is the spice of life