types of meat vocabulary

I’ll give you a quick run down of what the meat is called that comes from each animal first:

  • pig (animal) – bacon, pork, ham
  • cow (animal) – beef, steak
  • sheep (animal) – lamb, mutton
  • chicken (animal) – chicken.
  • fish (animal) – fish

meat and protein idioms

Are you ready to learn some idioms and expressions about the different types of meat we eat?

egg idioms

egg expressions
egg expressions - bad egg
egg expressions - egg on
egg idioms - egghead
egg idioms - good egg
egg expressions - have egg on one's face
egg expressions - nest egg
egg idioms - walk on eggshells
egg expressions - you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

fish idioms

fish sayings - a big fish in a small pond
fish sayings - different kettle of fish
fish sayings - drink like a fish
fish expressions - fish for compliments
fish expressions - have bigger fish to fry
fish expressions - like a fish out of water
fish expressions - packed in like sardines
fish sayings - plenty more fish in the sea
fish idioms - red herring
fish idioms - smell fishy

meat idioms

meat idioms
steak idioms - all sizzle and no steak
meat idioms - beef up
bacon idioms - bring home the bacon
meat idioms - chicken out
meat idioms - go cold turkey
beef idioms - have beef with
meat idioms - in two shakes of a lamb’s tail
meat idioms - like lambs to the slaughter
meat idioms - make mincemeat out of someone
meat idioms - mutton dressed as lamb
bacon idioms - save someone's bacon
meat idioms - spring chicken