Do you want to learn some idioms and expressions about fruit and veg? Then look no further. I’ve also included other foods that grow on trees and plants such as nuts and beans.

apple idioms

apple idioms

a bad apple

meaning – a dishonest person/ a troublemaker
example – Now the bad apples have been removed, lessons are much easier.

apple idioms - bad apple

a rotten apple

meaning – a dishonest/corrupt person
example – They have finally got rid of that rotten apple they called the president.

apple idioms - rotten apple

apple of one’s eye

meaning – a person who is cherished above everyone else
example – Laura is the apple of Steve’s eye. I think he’s going to propose soon.

apple idioms - apple of one’s eye

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

meaning – children have similar qualities/behaviour to their parents
example – My son has been sent to prison just like me. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

apple idioms - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

the Big Apple

meaning – New York
example – I’ve always wanted to live in the Big Apple.

apple idioms - the big apple

upset the apple cart

meaning – spoil someone’s plans/disturb the peace
example – I won’t tell them about the redundancies. I don’t want to upset the apple cart just yet.

apple idioms - upset the apple cart

bean idioms

bean idioms

full of beans

meaning – have lots of energy, be in high spirits
example – Ranger’s fans are full of beans after their 4-0 triumph over County.

bean idioms - bean idioms -

spill the beans

meaning – reveal the secret
example – We were meant to be keeping it a secret, but John spilt the beans.

bean idioms - spill the beans

chips idioms

chip idioms

as cheap as chips

meaning – inexpensive, very cheap, good value
example – Go to the uniform warehouse. You can get school clothes as cheap as chips.

chip idioms - as cheap as chips

burn to a crisp

meaning – burn very badly
example – I forgot I was cooking a pizza. It’s burnt to a crisp.

chip idioms - burn to a crisp

cash in one’s chips

meaning – quit or exchange your winnings for money
example – The business isn’t making money, we should cash in our chips in and move on.

chip idioms - cash in one’s chips

fruit idioms

fruit idioms

another bite of the cherry

meaning – another chance/opportunity to do something
example – You don’t often get another bite of the cherry. Don’t mess up this time.

cherry idioms - another bite of the cherry

as brown as a berry

meaning – very suntanned
example – I’m off to Greece for 3 weeks. I’ll be as brown as a berry by the end.

berry idioms - as brown as a berry


meaning – select the best/most desirable
example – Real Madrid have cherry-picked their squad for the final.

cherry idioms - cherry-pick

easy peasy (lemon squeezy)

meaning – very easy
example – Follow this recipe, it’s easy peasy and she will be really impressed.

lemon idioms - easy peasy lemon squeezy

forbidden fruit

meaning – something you desire but you aren’t allowed to have
example – My mum was given some luxury chocolates. I took the forbidden fruit.

fruit idioms - forbidden fruit

go bananas

meaning – become crazy
example – The dogs will go bananas when Rick comes home. They haven’t seen him for 3 months.

banana idioms - go bananas

go pear shaped

meaning – go wrong, fail
example – I should have been going to Italy tomorrow, but it’s all gone pear shaped.

pear idioms - go pear shaped

hear through the grapevine

meaning – hear unofficial rumours/gossip
example – I heard through the grapevine that three people were fired yesterday.

grape sayings - hear through the grapevine

play gooseberry

meaning – the unwanted third person in the company of lovers
example – It’s couples only. Don’t invite Ricky, he’ll only play gooseberry all night.

gooseberry idioms - play gooseberry

olive branch

meaning – a symbol of peace meaning you want to end a feud
example – He’s offering an olive branch, it’s time you met him halfway and made up.

olive sayings - olive branch

sour grapes

meaning – be angry or put someone/something down because you can’t have it
example – I didn’t want the jacket anyway. It’s not sour grapes, navy blue isn’t really my colour.

grape sayings - sour grapes

nut idioms

nut idioms

as nutty as a fruitcake

meaning – crazy, completely mad
example – Sasha is as nutty as a fruitcake. That’s why we get along so well.

nut idioms - as nutty as a fruitcake

cost/for/get paid peanuts

meaning – very cheap/hardly any money
example – I quit my job. I got paid peanuts for doing 13-hour shifts.

peanut idioms - cost peanuts

go nuts

meaning – become crazy/angry
example – My aunt went nuts so the men in white coats took her away.

nut idioms - go nuts

hard nut to crack

meaning – a person/situation that is difficult to figure out
example – Louis was a hard nut to crack, but we became good friends in the end.

nut idioms - hard nut to crack

if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

meaning – if you pay low wages, the workers will be bad
example – My boss is always shouting about product standards. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

peanut idioms - If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

in a nutshell

meaning – in a few words, brief
example – Tell me the story in a nutshell, I have to go out.

nut idioms - in a nutshell

that old chestnut

meaning – something that has been repeated so many times it has become boring
example – Lula said, ‘it’s not you it’s me.’ Oh, that old chestnut I thought to myself.

chestnut idioms - that old chestnut

vegetable idioms

vegetable idioms

as cool as a cucumber

meaning – chilled, relaxed
example – How can Roger be as cool as a cucumber when his life is falling apart?

cucumber idioms - as cool as a cucumber

as red as a beetroot

meaning – really red in the face usually caused by embarrassment
example – I go as red as a beetroot when I have to talk in front of a group of people.

beetroot idioms - as red as a beetroot

carrot and stick

meaning – a persuasion technique which uses reward and punishment
example – The carrot and stick method works for my kids. If they’re good, they get pocket money. If they’re bad, I confiscate their tablets.

carrot idioms - carrot and stick

carrot top

meaning – a person with red hair
example – I love being a carrot top, I feel unique and special.

carrot idioms - carrot top

couch potato

meaning – a lazy person who doesn’t exercise and sits on the sofa
example – I used to be a couch potato. Now I have two rescue dogs, I’m always out.

potato idioms - couch potato

hot potato

meaning – a controversial/sensitive topic that has consequences
example – Gun laws are a political hot potato.

potato idioms - hot potato

in a pickle

meaning – in a difficult situation
example – Dwayne is in a bit of a pickle, he has three dates for the prom.

pickle idioms - in a pickle

two peas in a pod

meaning – two people are very similar
example – I can’t believe Joe and Sandy have fallen out; they were like two peas in a pod.

pea idioms - two peas in a pod

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