fruit, nuts, and vegetable idioms

Do you want to learn some idioms and expressions about fruit and veg? Then look no further. I’ve also included other foods that grow on trees and plants such as nuts and beans.

apple idioms

apple idioms
apple idioms - apple of one’s eye
apple idioms - bad apple
apple idioms - rotten apple
apple idioms - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
apple idioms - the big apple
apple idioms - upset the apple cart

bean idioms

bean idioms
bean idioms - bean idioms -
bean idioms - spill the beans

idioms with chips

chip idioms
chip idioms - burn to a crisp
chip idioms - as cheap as chips
chip idioms - cash in one’s chips

fruit idioms

fruit idioms
cherry idioms - another bite of the cherry
berry idioms - as brown as a berry
cherry idioms - cherry-pick
lemon idioms - easy peasy lemon squeezy
fruit idioms - forbidden fruit
banana idioms - go bananas
pear idioms - go pear shaped
grape sayings - hear through the grapevine
gooseberry idioms - play gooseberry
grape sayings - sour grapes
olive sayings - olive branch

nut idioms

nut idioms
nut idioms - as nutty as a fruitcake
peanut idioms - cost peanuts
nut idioms - go nuts
nut idioms - hard nut to crack
peanut idioms - If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys
nut idioms - in a nutshell
chestnut idioms - that old chestnut

vegetable idioms

vegetable idioms
cucumber idioms - as cool as a cucumber
beetroot idioms - as red as a beetroot
carrot idioms - carrot and stick
carrot idioms - carrot top
potato idioms - couch potato
potato idioms - hot potato
pickle idioms - in a pickle
pea idioms - two peas in a pod