drink idioms

Let’s learn some idioms and expressions about different types of beverages.

beer idioms
beer idioms - beer belly
beer idioms - beer goggles
milk idioms and expressions
milk idioms and expressions - don’t cry over spilt milk
milk idioms and expressions - milk it
drink idioms
alcohol idioms - champagne lifestyle
coffee idioms - wake up and smell the coffee
drink idioms - drink like a fish
drink idioms - wet one’s whistle
tea idioms
tea idioms - a brew
tea idioms - as much use a a chocolate teapot
tea idioms - not for all the tea in china
tea idioms - not one’s cup of tea
water idioms
water expressions - blood is thicker than water
water idioms - dead in the water
water idioms - dead in the water
water phrases- in deep water
water sayings- in hot water
drink idioms - keep one’s head above water
water sayings - like a fish out of water
water idioms - make one's mouth water
water idioms - spend money like water
water idioms - still waters run deep
water idioms - take to something like a duck to water
water idioms - test the water
water idioms - throw cold water on
water expressions - tread water
water sayings - uncharted waters
water idioms - water down
water expressions - water off a duck’s back
water phrases - water under the bridge