Dairy products are types of food that are made from the milk of animals such as cows, goats, and sheep.

FUN FACT – The place where the dairy products are made is also called ‘a dairy’.

Right, shall we begin? Let’s learn some idioms and expressions with common dairy products.

butter sayings

Butter is a hard block of fat that is made by churning milk or cream. It’s used in baking and tasted great on toast or in sandwiches.
HOT TIP – Sometimes, us lazy Brits don’t pronounce the ‘double t’ properly. We pronounce it using the glottal stop. Not sure what that is? You can find out here.

butter idioms and sayings
bread idioms and sayings - bread and butter
butter idioms and sayings - butter someone up
bread expressions - know which side of one's bread is buttered
butter idioms and sayings - like butter wouldn't melt

cheese expressions

Hands up who loves cheese? Me for sure, in fact, it’s one of my favourite foods. Cheese is a dairy product made from milk curds. It can be hard or soft and sweet or savoury.

cheese idioms
cheese idioms and expressions - - big cheese
cheese idioms and expressions - - cheese off
cheese idioms and expressions - like chalk and cheese
cheese idioms and expressions - cheesy

cream sayings

Cream is the thick white liquid which rises to the top of milk. It’s great for sweet and savoury food.

cream idioms and sayings
cream idioms and sayings - cream of the crop
cream idioms and sayings - cream rises to the top
cream idioms and sayings - like the cat that got the cream

milk expressions

Milk is the white liquid which comes out of the female mammal’s glands with the purpose of feeding their young.

HOT TIP – The ‘l’ in milk is silent, click here to find out about silent letters that we have in English.

milk idioms and expressions
milk idioms and expressions - don’t cry over spilt milk
milk idioms and expressions - milk it