Let’s take a look at some of the most recognised business idioms starting with R.

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raise the bar

meaning – increase the quality/standard/expectations
example – The teacher said I raised the bar, it was the best poem she has ever read.

common business idiom - raise the bar

read between the lines

meaning – find real feelings/intentions not what is said/written
example – If you read between the lines, you’ll see that things haven’t been great between them for ages.

business idiom - read between the lines meaning

red tape

meaning – official rules and proceedings that take time
example – I was going to buy an old church to renovate, but there was too much red tape.

Business idioms and expressions - red tape

reinvent the wheel

meaning – waste time doing something that has already been done well
example – I don’t want you to reinvent the wheel, just come up with some new ideas.

business idiom - reinvent the wheel

riding high

meaning – successful/popular/confident
example – Katy Perry is still riding high in the charts.

recognised business idioms and expressions - riding high

right off the bat

meaning – immediately, from the beginning
example – I knew right off the bat it was a bad idea.

business idiom - right off the bat

right-hand man

meaning – the most valuable assistant/helper
example – I’m away for two weeks, contact my right-hand man Colin if you have any problems.

business idiom - right-hand man

rock the boat

meaning – disturb the peace/balance
example – If Lara becomes the manager and starts bossing people around, it’ll rock the boat.

Business idioms and expressions - rock the boat

roll up one’s sleeves

meaning – prepare to work/fight/do something difficult
example – The bystander rolled up his sleeves and grabbed the thug around the neck.

Business idioms and expressions - roll up one’s sleeves

roll with the punches

meaning – cope with/adapt to difficulties
example – I’m just rolling with the punches until I get another job.

business idiom - roll with the punches meaning

round the clock

meaning – throughout the day and night, continuously
example – I’ve been studying round the clock for my exams.

business idioms list- round the clock

rule of thumb

meaning – a basic rule that isn’t always followed
example – A rule of thumb is 300 grams per person.

Business idioms and expressions - rule of thumb

run at a loss

meaning – not making a profit
example – I can’t run at a loss any longer, I think it’s time to throw in the towel.

business idiom - run at a loss meaning

run with

meaning – be in charge of something and do it independently
example – Do you think I can trust Ryan to run with the case while I’m away?

Business idioms and expressions - run with meaning and example

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