Let’s take a look at some of the most famous business idioms starting with F.


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face value

meaning – the value indicated or accept what someone says without questioning
example – Don’t take what Eric says at face value, he lies a lot.

business expressions - face value meaning

feather one’s nest

meaning – get a lot of money out of something
example – She only wants the job to feather her nest. She doesn’t care about the children.

business expressions list - feather one’s nest


meaning – divide something equally
example – Any profits we make will be divided fifty-fifty between me and mark.

business idiom - fifty-fifty

fighting chance

meaning – a small possibility of success after a struggle
example – I want to give my marriage a fighting chance, so I’ve agreed to stop drinking.

business idiom - fighting chance

figure someone/something out

meaning – solve a problem/try to understand
example – I can’t figure out the new kid, there is something strange about him.

business idiom - figure someone/something out

fill someone in

meaning – inform someone of the most up to date information/details
example – Karen filled me in on everything you discussed at the meeting.

business idiom - fill someone in


meaning – make small adjustments for optimum performance/efficiency
example – I need to fine-tune my best man’s speech.

business idiom list - fine-tune

fly by the seat of one’s pants

meaning – use common sense/judgement/instinct instead of following a strict plan
example – My cousin has no plans for the future. He just flies by the seat of his pants.

business idiom - fly by the seat of one’s pants

fly off the shelves

meaning – sell very quickly
example – I need to be up early to go and buy the new FIFA game. It’ll fly off the shelves.

business expressions in English - fly off the shelves

for a song

meaning – very cheap
example – I wasn’t going to have a holiday this year, but I found one for a song online.

business idiom - for a song

free rein

meaning – freedom to do or say whatever you like
example – I’m cooking for my friends tonight, I’ve got free rein of the kitchen.

business idioms and expressions - free rein

free ride

meaning – reap the benefits without putting in any effort
example – My neighbour doesn’t work, he likes a free ride off the state.

business idiom - free ride

from day one

meaning – from the very beginning I was strict with my children from day one.
example – They have turned into lovely young men.

business expressions - from day one


meaning – a leading contestant/team in a competition
example – Roger Federer is one of the front runners in Wimbledon this year.

corporate idioms - front-runner

from the ground up

meaning – from the beginning to completion
example – The dog ate my coursework, I need to do it again from the ground up.

business expressions - from the ground up

funny business

meaning – dishonest/naughty behaviour
example – The accounts don’t add up. I think there’s been some funny business going on.

business idiom - funny business

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