You all know what a wolf is right? If not, I’ll tell you…​​

A wolf is the largest member of the dog family. They live and hunt in the wild in groups called ‘a pack’.

wolf idioms and expressions

Here’s a list of idioms about wolves with picture examples.

english idioms - animal idioms - wolf idioms and expressions

a lone wolf

meaning – an independent person who prefers to operate alone
example – I love traveling the world alone. I’m a lone wolf.

wolf sayings - a lone wolf

a wolf in sheep’s clothing

meaning – a dangerous person who pretends to be harmless
example – Be wary of Lucas. I’ve got no proof, but I think he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

wolf idioms and expressions- a wolf in sheep’s clothing

cry wolf

meaning – keep raising a fake alarm
example – Janine always cries wolf, so nobody believed her when she was really sick.

wolf sayings - cry wolf

keep the wolves at bay

meaning – fight to stop some sort of trouble reaching you
example – I managed to pay the bailiffs £200, that should keep the wolves at bay for a bit longer.

wolf idioms and expressions - keep the wolves at bay

wolf down

meaning – eat something very quickly
example – Julie wolfed down her food too quickly. Now she feels sick.

wolf idioms and expressions - wolf down

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