other animal idioms and expressions

Here’s a list of idioms about other animals that don’t fit into any other groups.

  • as drunk as a skunk
    meaning – very drunk
    example – You were as drunk as a skunk last night. You couldn’t even speak.
  • as sly as a fox
    meaning – smart, cunning
    example – You need to be as sly as a fox. Walk in, take the cash box, and run back to the getaway car.
  • as strong as an ox
    meaning – very strong
    example – Nico will help you carry the boxes, he’s as strong as an ox.
  • badger someone
    meaning – annoy/pester someone
    example – Go and badger your mum, she’ll give you some money.
  • eager beaver
    meaning – a keen/enthusiastic person
    example – The new trainee is an eager beaver, she has volunteered for lots of projects already.
  • guinea pig
    meaning – the subject of a test or experiment
    example – I need to wax 3 people’s legs for my beauty course. Will you be one of my guinea pigs?
  • like a bear with a sore head
    meaning – annoyed, grumpy, irritable
    example – Get me a coffee! I’m like a bear with a sore head today.
  • make a mountain out of a molehill
    meaning – exaggerate a minor issue
    example – Andy is such a drama queen; he is always making mountains out of molehills.
  • party animal
    meaning – someone who loves to party
    example – My sister was a party animal, she has calmed down now.
  • silver fox
    meaning – a handsome grey-haired man
    example – Rufus was a geek at school, now he’s a silver fox.
  • snail’s pace
    meaning – very slowly
    example – My essay writing is going badly, I’m writing at a snail’s pace.
  • social chameleon
    meaning – a person who changes the way they act with different people
    example – I can slum it with kids from the estate or hobnob with royalty. I’m a social chameleon.
  • squirrel away
    meaning – save something in a safe/secret place for a later date
    example – I need a new roof for my house. Luckily, I have some money squirrelled away.
  • the straw that broke the camel’s back/the last straw
    meaning – the final small thing that causes failure
    example – Callum arrived late again. That was the last straw, he was fired immediately.
  • weasel one’s way out of something
    meaning – avoid doing something
    example – I weaseled my way out of my date with Henry. He’s not really my type.

other animal idioms with pictures

Click on the pictures below to learn some common idioms and expressions with some of the other animals which grace out beautiful planet.


Each idiom includes the meaning and a real-life picture example.

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