You all know what a goat is right? If not, I’ll tell you…

A goat is a farm animal with a beard and horns. They are mischievous animals and are farmed for milk and sometimes meat.


FUN FACT –  A baby goat is called a ‘kid’ it’s the same slang term humans call children. Words which are spelt and pronounced the same but have different meanings are called homonyms.

goat idioms and sayings

Here’s a list of idioms about goats. Each idiom includes the meaning and a real-life picture example.​

common english idioms - animal idioms - goat phrases and sayings

act like a goat

meaning – act silly
example – Max always acts like a goat. The teacher is getting fed up with him.

goat idioms and phrases - act like a goat

get one’s goat

meaning – annoy or anger someone
example – It gets Mr. Harrison’s goat if you arrive late.

goat idioms and sayings - get my goat

separate the sheep from the goats

meaning – decide from a group which is good, and which is bad
example – We have a training session tomorrow. Coach wants to separate the sheep from the goats.

goat idioms - separate the sheep from the goats

You can download a table of goat idioms and sayings below.

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