Business idioms and expressions

Let’s take a look at some of the most common business idioms that are used in English.

business expressions beginning with H

business idioms in English - hands are tied
business idioms list - have a good innings
business idioms and expressions in English - have a lot on one’s plate
business expressions - have an ace up one’s sleeve
business idioms and expressions in English - have an axe to grind
business idiom - have one’s cake and eat it
business idioms list - have one's back against the wall
common business idioms - have one's fingers in lots of pies meaning
business idiom - have one's foot in the door meaning
common business idioms and expressions in English - have one's work cut out meaning
common business idiom - have the floor
business idioms list - have the upper hand meaning
business expressions list - headhunt meaning
business idiom - heads will roll meaning
business idioms and expressions in English - hear through the grapevine meaning
business idiom - hit a home run
business idiom - hit a snag
business idiom - hit the big time meaning
business idiom - hit the ground running
business expressions - hit the nail on the head meaning
business idiom - hit the right note
business expressions - hold all the aces meaning
business idioms list - hold the fort meaning
common business idiom - hold your horses meaning
business expressions - homestretch meaning
business idiom - hotshot
business idiom - household name
business idiom - hush money

business expressions beginning with I

business phrases - icing on the cake
business phrases - in a class of one’s own
business phrases - in a different league meaning
business idiom - in a nutshell
business sayings list - in for the high jump
common business idioms - in full swing
business idiom - in hot water
business idiom - in it for the long haul
business idiom - in someone's corner
business idiom - in stock
business idioms list - in the black meaning
business idiom - in the driver’s seat
business idiom - in the pipeline
business sayings and expressions in English - in the red meaning
business idiom - in the running
business sayings list- in the same boat meaning
business idiom - in the same league
common business idiomss and expressions in English - it’s a jungle out there meaning

business expressions beginning with J

business idiom - jockey for position
business idiom - jump in feet first
business idiom - jump in with both feet meaning
business idioms list - jump on the bandwagon
business idiom - jump ship
business idiom - jump the gun
business idioms and expressions in English - jump through hoops meaning
business idiom - jump to conclusions

business expressions beginning with K

business idiom - keep in the dark
business idioms list - keep one’s eye on the ball
common business idioms - keep one’s head above water meaning
business idiom - keep one’s nose to the grindstone meaning
business idiom - keep someone in the loop
business idiom - keep someone on their toes
business idiom - keep someone posted
business idiom - keep the ball rolling meaning
business idiom - kick into touch
business idiom - kick something around
business idiom - know the score
business idioms list - knuckle down meaning

business expressions beginning with L

business idiom - lame duck meaning
business idiom - land on one’s feet
business expressions - last straw
business idiom - last-ditch attempt meaning
business expressions - laugh all the way to the bank
business expressions - lay of the land meaning
business idiom - learn the ropes
business idiom - throw a curveball
business idiom - leave no stone unturned
business idiom - leave the door open
business expressions - legwork meaning
business idiom - let the side down
business idiom - level playing field
business idiom - license to print money
business idiom - line of work
business expressions - lion's share meaning
business idioms and expressions in English - long shot
business expressions - loophole meaning
business idiom - lose ground meaning
business idiom - low blow