What is a finger?

A finger is one of the four long thin joints that are attached to the hand. The plural is ‘fingers’.

HOT TIP – The remaining digit is called a ‘thumb‘ (with a silent ‘b’), which also has some idioms too.

idioms with the body part ‘finger’

Let’s look at some popular body idioms that contain the word ‘finger’.

I’ve added the meaning and a picture example too.

idiomatic expressions with body parts - finger
common body idioms (finger) - all fingers and thumbs meaning
common body idioms (finger) - five-finger discount meaing
finger idioms and eapressions in English- have green fingers
finger idioms - have one's fingers in lots of pies
finger idioms list - keep one’s fingers crossed meaning
finger idioms in English - not lift a finger
finger idioms list - point the finger
finger idioms list - pull one’s finger out
common body idioms (finger) - put one’s finger on something meaning
common body idioms (finger) - sticky fingers meaning
common body idioms (finger)- work one’s fingers to the bone meaning
finger idioms in Emglish - wrap around one’s little finger