There are many idioms in English about eyes. An eye is located on the face, above the nose. There are two of them and they are the organs of sight. The plural is ‘eyes’.

FUN FACT – The noun ‘eye’ is spelt pronounced exactly the same as the pronoun ‘I’. Words that are pronounced the same but spelt differently are called homophones.

eye idioms and phrases list

Let’s look at some popular body idioms that contain the word ‘eye’.

  • a sight for sore eyes – someone/something that is very attractive/you’re pleased to see
    e.g. An English breakfast after a night on the beer is a sight for sore eyes.
  • apple of one’s eye – a person who is cherished above everyone else
    e.g. Laura is the apple of Steve’s eye. I think he’s going to propose soon.
  • blue-eyed boy – a young man who is favoured and treated well by others
    e.g. Damian will get the promotion, he’s the manager’s blue-eyed boy.
  • catch someone’s eye – get someone’s attention
    e.g. A dress caught my eye in the bridal shop. I think I’ve found the one.
  • cry one’s eyes out – cry a lot and for a long time
    e.g. The kids are crying their eyes out watching The Lion King.
  • easy on the eye – attractive, good looking
    e.g. The guy I’m seeing is easy on the eye, but he isn’t intelligent.
  • eye-catching – something is visually attractive
    e.g. I’m trying to design a new eye-catching logo for my business.
  • in the blink of an eye – very quickly
    e.g. Jason was a millionaire. In the blink of an eye, the money was gone.
  • have eyes bigger than one’s belly – take more food than you can eat
    e.g. We always have eyes bigger than our bellies when we go to sushi restaurants.
  • have eyes in the back of one’s head – someone who knows everything you are doing
    e.g. I can’t cheat in Miss Johnson’s class; she has eyes in the back of her head.
  • keep an eye on – watch closely
    e.g. I’ve got to keep an eye on my brother at school. I think he is being bullied.
  • keep an eye out for someone/something – watch carefully for something to appear
    e.g. My earing fell out in the bathroom, keep an eye out for it please.
  • keep one’s eyes peeled – watch carefully, be alert/vigilant
    e.g. My earring fell out somewhere in the kitchen. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • more than meets the eye – a situation is more complex than it first seems
    e.g. This proposal seems too good to be true. I think there is more than meets the eye.
  • naked eye – something that can be seen without a microscope
    e.g. Atoms are so small; they can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  • turn a blind eye – pretend not to notice something and ignore it’s happening
    e.g. The police turned a blind eye to the poor child who stole some milk to feed his sister.
  • up to one’s eyes/eyeballs – extremely busy
    e.g. Josh is up to his eyes in boxes. He’s moving tomorrow so he can’t come out.

eye idioms and phrases with pictures

Let’s see the idioms with real life picture examples.

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