You all know what a bat is right? If not, I’ll tell you…

A bat is a flying nocturnal mammal that sleeps upside down. Some bats drink the blood of their prey, others prefer insects.


FUN FACT – The word ‘bat’ has other meanings in English too (it’s a homonym). If you don’t know what a homonym is but would like to find out, click the link. They are very useful for English language learners to know.

bat idioms and sayings

Here is a list of bat idioms. Each idiom includes the meaning and a real-life picture example.

english idioms - bat idioms and sayings - sayings about bats

as blind as a bat

meaning – you can’t see a thing
example – My grandad is as blind as a bat, he can’t read road signs anymore.

bat idioms and sayings - as blind as a bat

have bats in one’s belfry

meaning – be crazy or eccentric
example – My nan hasn’t been taking her medication, she has bats in her belfry.

like a bat out of hell

meaning – very sudden, quick, and frantic
example – The kids ran out of the haunted castle like a bat out of hell.

sayings about bats - like a bat out of hell

old bat

meaning – an annoying/irritating old person
example – The old bat next door just pinched my football.

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